Rate Information

I book photo sessions for either two or four hours. Two hour sessions are $300 for one person. Four hour sessions are $500 and you can invite your friend along for photographs. If you and your friend split the cost for a 4 hour shoot, then the cost is only $250 per individual.

Every shoot is unique, so depeninding on what you do or don't require, these rates may vary. The rates include a $100 deposit required to reserve the time on the date you desire. The deposit is then deducted from the rate after the shoot is complete. Fall is a very busy season for senior photo sessions, so the sooner you reserve a date, the more likely that date will be available. Of course, if it rains on your chosen date, I'll work to reschedule at your earliest convenience.

The package rates above include a private, password-protected web gallery containing all photographs taken during the photo shoot. All photographs in the web gallery will have been fine-tuned for exposure, color and sharpness. Until full payment is received, the images in your webgallery will be watermarked and unavailable for download. Your preview gallery will be posted within 5 working days after the shoot date.

Once full payment is received, all photographs (no watermarks) will be made available to you in high-resolution JPEG or TIFF format, via download from this website or on DVD-R, depending on your preference. RAW format files are availble upon request.

You will be provided with the rights to all the photos. Lower-resolution versions of these files optimized for social media applications are also included in the fee. Allow 10 working days for delivery of your completed photos.

The fees above don't include any in-depth re-touching of images, namely removal of blemishes to the skin or wrinkle removal. Prints are not included in the rates above, but are available at a very reasonable cost. In-depth retouching and print services are both available, but at an additional cost.

Please use the "Contact" link at the top of this page to send me any questions you may have.


Todd Brown